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Students get their hands dirty with Glitter and Gab

Itel SapozhnikovFebruary 05, 2024

Students make DIY shower steamers during the second event of the winter term

Photo: Itel Sapozhnikov


Peer support workers Shelina Syed and Harrison sat on the purple couch in D-building.

How’s your mental health today? AC Purple Couch wants to know

Algonquin College's Purple Couch Project encourages students to speak out about mental health.

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The members who attended drag club in early February.

Artists thrive in the Students’ Association’s newly created drag club

The club provides a safe environment for students and drag artist to express themselves

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Evan Lennon (left) defending William Inoue with Kyle Cobus (goalie) at the net.

Perth’s alumni and students connect during ice hockey scrimmages

The Students' Association at Perth campus holds weekly ice hockey scrimmages for all students, staff and alumni

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