The Algonquin Times online edition is a learning tool for Algonquin College Journalism students. It is published and maintained as an electronic extension of the Algonquin Times community newspaper, which is owned by the Algonquin Students Association. It is produced every two weeks during fall and winter semesters by the journalism and advertising students. Funding is provided by through the college’s Students’ Association and is printed by Performance Printing. This site offers all who do not have access to the paper a chance to view the school’s stories, events and happenings.

Algonquin Times mission statement:
To provide a bi-weekly newspaper to Algonquin College during the academic year that informs, entertains and enlightens the college community, and to furnish journalism and advertising students with practical training in a working environment, and to allow these students to showcase their skills to enhance a portfolio of their work. The Algonquin Times will subscribe to, and uphold, the highest standards of journalism and publishing excellence recognized and promoted by the newspaper publishing industry in Canada.