As of Nov. 9 students can now visit Algonquin's Fitness Zone. Photo credit: Camryn Majuary

On Nov. 9, Ottawa has allowed Algonquin College’s Fitness Zone to open back up to students and staff.

Since coming back from its first closure, they have set a few new rules and policies in place.

“Masks must be always worn by staff and students even when training,” said Alex Morehouse, client service associate. “The only exception to this rule is if a person is on cardiovascular equipment, they are permitted to remove their mask but must put it back on after completion on the machine.”

At this time, there are only 30 people maximum allowed into the Fitness Zone at a time. Which is within the whole facility, including the change rooms and showers.

While the Fitness Zone will no longer be providing towel service and access to water fountains, refill stations are still accessible for attending members who bring their own water bottles.

Work out machines have been spaced out and signs have been placed to tell the trainers what machines aren’t to be used at this time. This allows any machine that is open to be far enough from others to promote ensure a safe distance.

“Training-wise people can still do their programs, get their cardio and weights in, and have a great time,” said Morehouse.

As per province regulations, the Fitness Zone is encouraging members to spend no longer than an hour training within the facility.

“Currently we are only open to Algonquin staff and students,” said Morehouse. “If you are wanting to join with us, please bring your student ID and a copy of your timetable on a device for us to see. That will make your onboarding process easier and get you training faster.”