"The current situation is challenging for everyone including our Security and Emergency Services team," said Mike Laviolette. Photo credit: Ethan Grove

Algonquin College has approximately 225 external entry points throughout the Woodroffe campus, but only six of them are in use due to the daily self-screening and mandatory vaccination policies being monitored by security services.

With so few ways into the college, some students have begun finding ways to get around security measures.

“We have been dealing with incidents of doors being propped open or people holding doors open for one another and generally disregarding the rules,” said Mike Laviolette, manager of security and emergency services.

Campus security is aware of the issue and there are measures in place to try and stop students from bypassing the designated entry points.

Laviolette says that regular patrols and referring to the college’s CCTV system have helped his team gain some leverage. “For those, we become aware of, if warranted, we have followed with an investigation and sought to resolve the matter appropriately.”

While security is doing their best to deter this from happening, some students feel that entering through the designated entry points is important.

“I understand people are trying their best to be nice by letting people in through side doors,” said Douglas Campbell, a performing arts student. “But it’s important to go through the designated entry points as they’re there for a reason.”

Even with these challenges, security remains hopeful as they have been successful in preventing COVID-19 transmissions on campus.

“However, the reality is that security cannot do this alone,” said Laviolette. “The college community’s collective health and safety require everyone’s cooperation and assistance.”

The college trusts that students will choose to follow the proper steps and regulations that have been implemented.