The virtual book club was created by Jamie Kettles, a second-year student at Carleton University with a major in English and a minor in psychology with a concentration in creative writing.

​​An opportunity to discover new stories and adventure through pages of a book is on the horizon at “AC Hub Reads The Midnight Library Edition.”

This club is the perfect place for those who want to reignite old flames with their love for books or amateur readers ready to deep-dive into the world of adventure.

Created by Jamiee Kettles, owner of an online store called Book Bundles by Jaimee, the book club aims to reunite students with their passion for literature.

“I think that the students at Algonquin College would have always greatly benefited from a book club, but especially with the pandemic, it seems more important than ever to create and join something like this,” said Kettles.

The book club will have monthly meetings through virtual Zoom calls, which Kettles hopes can be a flourishing club that will bring people together to share their love of reading, in a safe manner.

“With the members and I being in school, reading can sometimes be harder to make time for,” said Kettles. “With something like this available to students, it encourages people to come out and become more social in a COVID-friendly way.”

The title of the book club, “Midnight Library Edition” is inspired by the book The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, which will also be the focus of the group’s book club discussions.

The club’s first meeting will begin with a synopsis of the chapters, discussion, comments, or questions followed by a rundown of the next section of chapters they’ll read for the following meeting.

Another reason that Kettles thinks this book club will be successful is that students get a month to read a small section of the book which makes it easier for everyone to be able to fit reading time into their schedules.

She also says that the book club is a space where all students are welcome especially if they’re looking for a new passion.

“I would tell anyone that likes or loves to read that this is a great way to discuss your passion and be surrounded by others who may be as passionate as yourself, or those who are looking for a new passion,” said Kettles.

“Stories have a way of bringing people together as they have for farther back than history can distinguish,” said Kettles. “Each person has their own take on stories, and we would love to hear yours!”

Each book club meeting will take place every third week until December 1. Students can visit the AC Hub Reads website for more details.