Elizabeth Holmes, community engagement officer, makes an Easter card for a senior in the AC Hub on April 6. Photo credit: Naomie Twagirumukiza

The AC Hub Volunteer Centre had paper, colour pens and stickers ready for students to make Easter cards for seniors on the Thursday before the holiday weekend.

The Volunteer Centre sends cards to local seniors in the community for different celebrations. Last year, it invited students to make Christmas cards.

“We send the cards to a different senior home every time we do the event,” said Elizabeth Holmes, the AC Hub community engagement officer. “This time, the Easter cards are going to Perley Health.

As small as it seems, Easter cards are one of the little things that help spread love and joy.

“Who doesn’t like receiving cards,” asked Patrick Hakizimana, an accounting student. “I’ve never received an Easter card, so I think it a really great idea.”

In case you forgot to send a card, it’s always better late than never. If you missed the event, make sure to stay alert for the next holiday card event from the AC Hub.