Local (from CBC News)

After passengers complained about the LRT system, Ottawa city councillors called for an emergency meeting ahead of its scheduled meeting on Nov. 6, to get more information in order to address the problem.

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Provincial (from the Ottawa Citizen)

A man attacked a 96-year-old woman last week and the York police are looking for him. After the violent attack that took place at a home in Markham, Ont., the woman was taken to hospital, until today.

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National (from BCB News)

After importing cocaine to Canada in bags of spice, A 50-year-old woman and a 44-year-old woman, both from Hamilton were arrested on Oct. 10. The bags containing approximately 2.2 kg of cocaine.

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International (from Aljazeera News)

Most schools and universities in Iraqi close their doors after students protested on campus and headed to the capital’s central Tahrir Square to join thousands of anti-government protest.

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Entertainment (from the Global News)

Jared Padalecki, from the TV show Supernatural, was arrested after striking a bartender and a general manager in Austin, Texas. He was released later after posting bail.

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