February 7, 2020


Ottawa Citizen: Thursday night firefighters, paramedics and police responded to a serious collision at Baseline Road and Woodroffe Avenue. One vehicle smashed into a lamp post after it collided with another vehicle. Firefighters used their teamwork to perform a complex extrication to rescue someone from a sedan.


National Post: University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson has pulled back from his public life due to addiction. His daughter Mikhaila said he is recovering in Russia from a severe addiction to tranquilizers and was near-death in an induced coma. She says Peterson was continuously misdiagnosed in many different North American hospitals.


Global News: Jennifer Williams, a senior white house aide who testified against President Trump left last week for another job. “Never Trumpers,” Donald Trump has said about those who oppose him. Trump called out James Comey, Adam Schiff and Hillary Clinton at a White House event with his legal team and congressional supporters.