Ottawacitizen A 32-year-old man was charged by the Ottawa Police with mischief over $5000 for defacing an Indigenous mural at Algonquin College. The man was arrested Saturday just days after he ruined the mural with yellow paint and a mop. The mural took seven months to complete and was done in consultation with the Indigenous community including students and elders.


CTV Over 280 Canadians in China are waiting for approval to be flown home and they must wait to be released from quarantine. Anyone who is showing symptoms is being held until they are cleared and in good health in an effort to contain the virus. When the Canadians do land, it will be in Trenton, Ont. at the Canadian Forces Base.


nationalpost Infectious disease experts say that the coronavirus may not be as dangerous as the world may think it has become and is comparing it to the common flu. The deaths that occurred at the start of the epidemic have diminished greatly and those who are exposed to the virus show mild to no symptoms.