Jan. 31, 2020


Ottawa Citizen Since the launch of the Confederation Line, riders have complained about strange smells in the Rideau train station. It started off with what smelled like sewage, and now emits an aroma similar to the smell of rotting eggs. OC Transpo reports that Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM) is looking into the problem.

The smell had diminished and could only be detected from the entrance of the train station and lessened as passengers descended towards the platforms Jan. 31 2020.


CBC News The mental state of Vancouver resident, Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam, 27, was in question during his trial, which began October 2019 in Vancouver and is set to continue in January 2020. The case is following a double homicide back in 2017 when Kam allegedly killed a couple. The court sees Kam’s actions to be connected to his habit of spending over 14 hours a day playing violent video games. The court doesn’t disagree with his claims, but they agree that his state of mind was altered.


BBC News US senators voted to not allow any more evidence or call any more witnesses in the presidential impeachment process. By the end of the vote, only half of the desired amount of Republicans voted with Democrats. The impeachment trial is now moving forward and may or may not acquit United States President Donald Trump.