Local News

Ottawa Sun reported Monday about the difficulty OC Transpo commuters experienced due to the reduced number of trains in service. With 10 trains currently running, more than two dozen trips were canceled between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Rideau Transit Maintenance informed the public that it has three fewer operational trains than required. The transit service apologized for the crowded platforms, shortage of trains and delays.

National News

The Guardian reported Monday that 200 Canadian soldiers were sent to Newfoundland to assist the province’s declaration of a state of emergency. Residents are unable to travel or attend work as more than 75 cm of snow blocks roads and residents’ homes. Soldiers are helping clear roads and assist people who are ill or elderly. Rescue crews were put on hold for Josh Wall, 26, who disappeared after walking to a friend’s house Friday. Two males from Harbour Grace, Bud Chafe and Rupert Crocker, were reported dead after shoveling snow.

International News

CTV News reported that the Chinese government expert team confirmed that the new coronavirus outbreak can be transmitted through human-to-human contact. There have been more than 200 confirmed cases and three deaths according to Wuhan health. The World Health Organization announced an Emergency Committee meeting to determine if this outbreak should be declared a global health crisis Wednesday.