Acts For Good host Saudika Diaram (right) introducing Danielle Allard (left) Photo credit: Mathew Dicsi

Algonquin College public relations students held a talent show recently in support of the Parkdale Food Centre as part of its Nourish the Community campaign, raising just over $1,400.

Parkdale Food Centre is a not-for profit charity dedicated to “building healthier, more connected neighbours and neighbourhoods through good food, innovative community partnerships, and by challenging inequalities in order to create lasting impacts,” according to the About Us section of its website.

Parkdale Food Centre was selected as the charity through votes by the students.

The event was organized by five public relations students: Mariia Dias, Cyrena Townsend, Suhany Mehta, Kamaljot, and Dallas Blacksmith, and hosted by television broadcasting student Saudika Diaram.

The event featured musical performances from local artists Danielle Allard and Motherland along with performances from numerous Algonquin College students and professors.

“It was such an amazing event,” said Diaram. “I had no idea I would enjoy the performances so much. It’s a brilliant initiative and I can’t commend them enough.”

One performance was a poem written by mother-daughter duo Manika and Suhany Mehta, and read by Suhany Mehta discussing hunger and wealth imbalances in society.

“I belong to India, the most populated democracy in the world and sadly the biggest army of starving people,” said Suhany Mehta. “I have seen people begging for food and always felt touched by this inequality.”

The event raised $1,407.32 according to performer and organizer Dias.

“I know how hard every single cohort works to make these events come to life, and I’m so pleased with the turnout,” said Allard. “The amount of people performing, the amount of people dancing, the amount of people getting raffle tickets – it’s a joy to see.”

Parkdale Food Centre has been doing charity events with public relations students over the past nine years.