Winners of the In-Class Project Showcase event alongside Kristine Dawson (Associate Vice-President) and Philip Dawe (Director of Applied Research) Photo credit: Sebastian Pinera

The Office of Applied Research at Algonquin College hosted an In-Class Projects Showcase recently, unveiling visionary student projects.

At the event, over 50 student teams showcased their projects in the DARE District (C Building) at the Ottawa Campus, spanning robotics, artificial intelligence, fundraising, and civic engagement. These student-led initiatives demonstrated the college’s commitment to raise diverse talents that can shape tomorrow’s world.

“This is only the beginning; the future of Applied Research at Algonquin College holds even greater promise.” said Philip Dawe, the Director of Applied Research. “We envision a place where innovation knows no bounds, where collaboration knows no limits, and where the solutions to tomorrow’s challenges take shape today. I’m truly excited about what the future holds,”

Local employer partners, including Natural Resources Canada, Ingenium, and the Kanata North Business Association, were present as judges to explore and discuss the project details with the innovative student teams.

“I love these events, they’re really good because you get to see all the student ideas collaboratively,” said Krishna Biradar, one of the judges at the event. “It’s a hard decision to pick winners, but what we do is go around all the tables assessing and taking scores based on some questions, and at the end, we just table it together, that’s how the winner gets decided,” he added.

Democracy Worldview secured the first place at the showcase. Following closely behind was We Vibe Phase 2, in second place and the AI Brand Recognition Machine Learning Project, taking third spot.

“Being a part of this project has been a fantastic experience. It’s incredible to see our hard work being recognized and appreciated. We are proud of what we’ve achieved,” said Magnus Janda, a member of the first-place winners, Democracy Worldview.