Mason Mantha, a film and media production student, editing Done Before. Photo credit: Shane Lamarche-Silmser

The Algonquin College Annual Film Gala will be held Aug. 17 at the Algonquin Commons Theatre to premier student-made short-films.

The films, Put on Something Dance-y, Umbra, Done Before, and Stains of a Bleeding Heart, are each up to 15 minutes long.

“It’s going to be a fun night out,” said J.J. Gillanders, the co-coordinator for the film and media production program. “ . . . Why not come out and join other people who love film?”

Producers and production managers from 1Department, an Ottawa-based movie production company, have been invited to the gala to scope out new talents for Ottawa’s film industry.

Among its partnerships, the production company has worked on movies for Netflix, Hallmark and NBC.

Shane Boucher, the chief executive of 1Department, and Caitlin Delaney, the director of business development, are expected to attend the event.

“We’re graduating when this gala happens, so come out and hire us,” said Mason Mantha, a film and media production student and the junior editor of Done Before. “We got really good training from this program and these films will show what we can do.”

Christian Guerin, a film and media production program graduate, praised the galas from previous years and the training/equipment students receive through the program

“I think the galas are really good opportunities and experiences for students,” said Guerin. “They’re like a real premiere and feel very professional.”

“With tuition, we have access to rent industry-standard equipment for no extra cost,” Guerin said. “You can’t rent that kind of equipment without it being so expensive, so it’s a good opportunity for Algonquin College students.

The gala is free, and all ages are welcome. However, a ticket will be necessary to ensure seating.

The showings begin at 7:30 p.m.

To get tickets to the gala, follow the link here: