Local News

CBC News: Ottawa police warn protesters to leave the occupation area as protests go on Day 20. The written warnings have been distributed during the protests about the vaccine mandate. Other warnings include warnings from the Children’s Aid Society if unable to provide care for their children after police action. The honking injunction was also extended again for another 60 days starting Thursday.

National News

CTV News: The Canadian Armed Forces and Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre suspended their search for a sunken Spanish fishing vessel after 36 hours of searching in frigid waters. On Feb. 15, reports came in about a Spanish fishing vessel that sunk off the shore of Nova Scotia in international waters with multiple casualties. Ten members died and 11 were missing. The boat had 24 crew members from Spain, Peru and Ghana.

International News

CBC News: Canadians in the midst of a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine have been secured escape routes from the federal government, says Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly. Joly said Canadians fleeing Ukraine are assured to enter neighbouring countries without trouble. Those countries include Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. Ottawa has urged Canadians to leave Ukraine as soon as possible as the tensions rise between Ukraine and Russia. Ottawa and Moldova are discussing together to ensure Canadians can use the country as another option to evade the conflict.