Ottawa Citizen: Liberal MP Marc Garneau is resigning his seat after 15 years in politics.

Garneau, a former minister of foreign affairs and transportation and a senior Liberal MP, announced his retirement to his party’s Quebec caucus Wednesday morning. He shared the news to the national caucus afterwards. He will be addressing his announcement in his speech at the House of Commons on Thursday .

Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos said the news was a “great shock” and a “great loss” for all Canadians.


National Post: Ontario “looking closely” at following B.C.’s example in covering prescribed contraception.

B.C. announced its budget plan last week to dedicate $119 million to cover the cost of prescribed contraception over the next three years, including most oral contraception, injections, copper and hormonal intrauterine devices, subdermal implants and Plan B.

Health Minister Sylvia Jones said she is “looking closely” at what B.C. has proposed and whether Ontario will follow suit.


CBC: Joe Biden’s green energy investment is putting pressure on other countries to invest quickly.

The U.S. president’s climate bill, signed six months ago, has made an impact that has spread across the globe, making the pressure for other countries to offer similar subsidies rise.

The Inflation Reduction Act, a program pledging to direct government dollars into developing low-carbon energy, could force countries around the world to introduce their own subsidies to improve climate change conditions.