Local news

CTV News: Freezing rain caused five LRT vehicles to lose power on Wednesday morning, trapping passengers for long periods of time until they could safely get off with the help of emergency responders.

The five LRT vehicles included one east of Tunney’s Pasture Station, one at Rideau Station after coming in from uOttawa station.

Two trains were stuck between Lees and Hurdman stations, and the fifth train was immobilized east of Tremblay Station.

National news

Global News: The police in Canada helped the FBI stop Genesis Market, a massive illegal online marketplace that packaged and sold stolen data.

The market sold applications that infected victims’ devices through malware or account takeover attacks to commit fraud, hack into corporations, drop ransomware and steal intellectual property.

The director general of the RCMP’s National Cybercrime Coordination Centre said that there were 79 “distinct law enforcement actions, including arrests, the execution of search warrants and direct engagement of suspected users” in Canada on Tuesday.

International news

Africanews: Zimbabwe’s Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga announced that the country intends to introduce a law that would make it illegal for other nations to recruit its health workers.

He says it will prevent the loss of valuable healthcare professionals to other countries.