The Algonquin College student survey is underway Photo credit: Eyssa Dahoma

Algonquin College wants to know if students are satisfied or require more support in all departments during their journey through college.

This latest college-wide survey is geared toward bringing a better experience for Algonquin College students.

Cristy Montgomery, Manager, Institutional Analytics and Planning says: “It asks students questions about their experience at our college with their programming, all the services from counselling, health services, the food at Algonquin, campus services.”

The 20-minute surveys were emailed to students at their email addresses to be completed at their convenience.

“We need more feedback from the students, we need the students to be aware about it, do it and that’s how the results of the survey can be used to better the student experience … it’s not about what one person says is about what everyone says,” according to Irene Tika Balsani, a marketing research analysis student completing her work term interning with the Institutional Analytics and Planning department at Algonquin College.

“We work with all areas of the college to collect this information from the students, and then they use them to improve the services, help with housing issues, food issues and that kind of thing … the more information we have, the more things we can do for them,” says Montgomery.

Post-pandemic, the Algonquin College Institutional Analytics and Planning department began collecting data to understand how things may have changed for students and how the college may need to change to better support students.

Algonquin College currently provides various resources and facilities specifically geared to the student overall experience such as the AC Hub, located on the second floor of Student Commons.

The college says: “The AC Hub strives to enhance your college experience beyond the classroom by providing you with opportunities to meet new people and become actively involved in campus life.”