Advertisements in Vanier near Loblaws on McArthur Road during March 2020.

The marketing team at Algonquin has continued to work on its “changing lives” advertising campaign for the last four years, but the pandemic situation could affect what their project looks like this fall.

The college has a budget for the marketing department, which is called that strategic investment funding. This is focused on marketing and the ability to attract students.

Alex Beshara is project manager and creative director. He is a senior marketing member and college brand specialist. “The campaign’s theme of change reflects our strategic plan, but also our mission,” Beshara said.

The design and media platforms have been updated annually based upon research and exploring what works and what doesn’t. The theme has transformed and developed keeping the message learner-driven. The campaign used to feature advertisements with students, faculty and alumni. Now, all subjects are current students.

Alanna McDonell is the marketing director who has been working on the project with Beshara. She explained that the ads are meant to share stories of the college’s community members and about how they can change people’s lives with what they learn at Algonquin College.

“Changing lives as they seek education,” said McDonell, about the campaign’s current goal. “From campus to the neighbourhood around us.”

Now COVID-19 has touched every aspect of our world, the marketing team needs to consider its effects as well. “We need to take a hard look at all options in terms of how we produce and promote the campaign,” Beshara said. The campaign runs from September to March. They have yet not impacted in terms of impressions.

The marketing team plans to focus on the future and plan as they see fit for the unfolding situation.

“We’ll remain nimble and adapt as needed,” he said.