Lynda Heyden showing an ad of her "energy healing." She was one of the mediums featured in the psychic fair held in the Student Commons on March 28. Photo credit: Joseph Wang

Four psychics sit at different tables in the middle of the Student Commons.

More than 40 people have joined the queue as the line starts to pile up in front of the tables. They are expecting to have spiritual conversations with the psychics.

This was the scene at the college’s psychic fair held on March 28.

Different activities were involved during the event, including psychological consultation, palm reading and a process called “energy healing” where psychic Lynda Heyden put her hands on participants’ shoulders to feel the “energy flow” of their bodies.

“They’ve all said that there was something that they felt and saw,” said Heyden while explaining how energy healing works on participants. “Some of them were so stressed out, and I could feel their whole body starting to relax when my hands were on their shoulders. They also felt it.”

Some of the participants, like civil engineering student Shay Siddique, took part in this event due to their interest in psychics, as they tried to find out the mystery behind it through the fair.

“I’m a lot into this psychics stuff,” said Siddique. “I like dabbling into it and see what the world can offer us in a sense. That’s why I was interested in this psychic fair.”

Some others came to learn more about what physically benefits them.

“I had some health-related questions,” said Joie Howard, a student from the general arts and science program, about her conversation with the psychic. “She was able to tap into what I was eating that wasn’t necessarily good for my body, and different sensitivity that I have but didn’t know. I think it is really important and it does resonate with me.”

Algonquin students and employees were not the sole clients of psychics at the fair. People from outside the college also got fascinated by the event.

Emily Whelen, a student from Carleton University, came with her roommate, an Algonquin student who is really into psychics. He introduced the event to Whelen.

The psychic “read” Whelen through her personal experience about moving home and told her whether she made the right decision.

“I find it helpful in the way that it was telling me my future, reassuring me that I’m going in the right direction,” said Whelen. “I just feel good about what I’m doing now. I wish it (the conversation) was longer so I could get more in depth with the psychic.”

According to Bonnie Thompson, one of the psychics who ran the fair, the event serves to give people guidance in various aspects of their life, such as their career and their relationship with others.

It is also a platform for people to share their own spiritual experience that is unique to themselves.

“A lot of people, they see and hear things,” said Thompson. “More and more people are becoming more aware spiritually than they used to be.”