Mike McClure, Daniel Nahir, Shubham Sharma and Dhruv Mehra; the four event organizers

Four civil engineering technology students fastened their seatbelts and prepared for take-off in the ACCE building on Tuesday, March 3 when they ran a paper plane toss event.

Daniel Nahir, Mike McClure, Shubham Sharma and Dhruv Mehra are all in their final year of civil engineering at Algonquin College. For their end-of-semester project, they had to collectively organize an activity.

“It is pushing us to get out of our comfort zones,” said Sharma, while allowing the team to gain more experience. After brainstorming ideas with one another, they decided they would conduct a paper plane toss activity.

As the date grew closer, the four flew into action and began preparation for the activity.

Daniel Nahir, Mike McClure, Shubham Sharma three of the event organizers
Daniel Nahir, Mike McClure, Shubham Sharma three of the event organizers Photo credit: Angeleah Brazeau-Emmerson

They started by booking a space with AC campus services as well as making advertisements that would be broadcasted around the school. They hung posters made up of their own design and gathered supplies.

On the day of the event, the four set up on the second floor of the ACCE building and awaited their participants. One after another, people started arriving, giving the group a total of roughly 20 people. Students gathered around and watched the participants shoot their paper planes off the balcony, in hopes that their design would soar past their competitors.

The plane toss, originally just an assignment for a class, ended up becoming much more.

Not only did the group get the opportunity to build a stronger bond, but they also were able to bring members of the AC community together for a couple hours of stress-free fun.