The Alumni Project is a series of interviews conducted by Advertising and Marketing Students at Algonquin College. More specifically, members of the Algonquin Times team. In these interviews, we interact with various Algonquin alumni to see what they’ve been up to since leaving the student life and starting their careers.

This is an opportunity for current and future students to see the possibilities and outcomes of the different programs Algonquin College offers and to get some advice about where to start. They will also be asked to share a little about their experiences and valued memories at the college. Beginning school is a big time in many people’s lives and getting the inside scoop from past students can be very valuable to our viewers.

The series takes place through Zoom meetings with people from all types of programs and we’d like to know if there’s any program you’d like to hear from! Comment below or on any of our various social channels.

Tune in monthly and see who is up to represent their program!