The Alumnus of the Year, Ricardo Larrivée, gives his speech on how proud he is to be a alumni of Algonquin College. Photo credit: Camilla Sola

As heavy rain drummed against the windows of the ACCE building on Sept. 26, it couldn’t drown out the sounds of many attendees laughing and celebrating another Algonquin Alumni of Distinction of Awards Gala.

Guests were greeted at the entrance by a duo of guitarists strumming John Mayer songs. The bartenders were ready to pour their finest wine. Alumni chatted with each other as they cheered for the award recipients. Everyone listened to the inspiring speeches throughout the night.

It was Algonquin College’s third annual Algonquin Alumni of Distinction of Awards Gala. Award winners spoke to the well-dressed audience in suits and cocktail dresses. During the evening of the event, guests sat in silver chairs tucked into black-clothed tables. Guests indulged themselves with delicious food prepared by Food Services.

For more information about the award winners, you can go to Algonquin College’s website for more information.