Raymond Falardeau, business administration student, has a problem with the parking passes this year. Photo credit: Emily Britton

After four weeks into school and four weeks of being waitlisted, some students are wondering if more parking spots will be made as the ARC has occupied 250 prime spots in Lot 8.

Raymond Falardeau, a second-year business administration student, is one of these students.

“When I got my pass last year, I was late getting it, so I thought I could do the same for this year and still get it,” said Falardeau. So far, his plan hasn’t worked out.

Falardeau, along with other students like Courtney Pindur, have had problems reserving a parking spot.

”I think it’s absolutely ridiculous,” said Pindur, a second-year practical nursing student. “There’s a big wait list and the prices are way too high this year.”

Roch Lafond, manager of parking services. said that it’s not just the case for this year. In the years prior, the demand for parking spaces had always exceeded the amount available.

“We are releasing parking permits to our waitlist on a daily basis, as we understand evolving traffic patterns and peak parking periods on campus,” Lafond explained.

Lafond also said that for any waitlisted student receiving a parking pass from here on out, the rate would be pro-rated to reflect the delayed start.

The college has opened three new lots: Lot 1, 16 and 17. Lot 1 is a daily parking spot, while Lots 16 and 17 are open as permit parking. Lot 17 is adjacent to the T-building and goes for the same rate as Lot 8, while 16 is behind the S-building and has a mix of parking passes and daily parking.

Students’ Association president, Deijanelle Simon, explained with the additional parking spaces, there’s not really a loss.

“Good news is with the openings of these new parking spaces, right now, it’s in the snow removal areas and one over by T-building that’s being built,” said Simon. “So, once they’re finalized and if they’re kept open, it’s really only a loss of about 15 parking spaces.”

The college has also launched a carpool option for students, saying it will save money and that it’s better for the environment.

“We have introduced Ottawa Ride Match this year – a ride-matching option that allows you to find people who are commuting to the Ottawa Campus and carpool together,” Lafond said. “If you are driving to campus, you can log in and see if anyone has requested a ride. If you are looking for a drive to campus, you can request a ride and find a driver.”