Kenny and Spenny talk to a fan they brought up to the stage. Photo credit: Naomie Twagirumukiza

Kenny Hotz and Spencer

Their fans were gifted with a ride down memory lane with old, new and unreleased videos of the show and some merchandise clothing with the show’s name.

The show was about two best friends competing against each other, and the loser had to do something decided by the winner. The fans loved them for their constant fights, and they did not disappoint.

The comedians, still in character, talked about how some of the things they did on video created some controversies and got them cancelled. This is why they started the show saying they were “uncancelled.”

Just like they usually do in their videos, the show mostly consisted of Kenny making fun of Spenny. The audience was more than happy to participate and randomly called Spenny names, like an idiot, that related to their videos.

Even though the two best friends were known to be funny, some of their explicit jokes were just too hard to digest for new people in the audience.

“I get that it’s a comedy, but I wasn’t expecting that,” said Aldoline Kamanzi, a business administration student, when a fan was called from the audience and proceeded to remove his pants on stage.

“It took a good minute for me to get used to the jokes,” Kamanzi said.

On the other hand, Kenny and Spenny made new fans with the same jokes.

“I’ve never heard of them,” said Kyle Baker, a student in the occupational therapist assistant and physiotherapy assistant program, “but it was a fun and nice night out.”