People who were involved in the event stand together and wave to the camera. Photo credit: Camilla Sola

As attendees fill the Student Commons, they meet performers and have photos taken with them. A group of several hundred slowly enter the Algonquin Commons Threatre.

The lights go dim as people settle in their seats to wait for the presentation to begin.

Among them is Arnaldo Tavora, who has been going to the Spring Festival Gala for five years now.

“I go every single year — twice a year if I want,” said Tavora.

He finds it beautiful to watch performers show their talent at the gala.

He is attending the Canada-China Culture and Art Association Spring Festival Gala 2019, held Feb. 16, featuring different acts from local performers including vocalists, dancers, instrumentalists, magicians, acrobats and opera singers.

Carleton University international students, Jeffery Wu, 19, and his friend Oliver Xia, 19, volunteered to help at the event.

“It’s very well-known in China and I was surprised it was going to be here,” said Xia.

XinHua Chinese School teacher, Jing Yang, attended the spectacle along with her friend.

“This is my first time going to the Spring Festival Gala, and it was great seeing them perform,” said Yang.

Yang was amazed to watch the performances, and was excited to watch the rest of the show.

With the stellar act from each performer, a photo was a great way to capture the emotion of the artist. Yi Cui has been the official photographer for the Spring Festival Gala for the past five years.

“I focus on the beautiful moments like dancing in the air or making good facial expressions.”

Cui makes sure that he gets the best shots to show the the amount of effort that is put into the event.

Jason Zhang, producer of Spring Festival Gala and chairman of the Canada-China Culture and Art Association, was one of the people to create the event.

“It’s such a beautiful and wonderful show. I’m so happy that people get to see everyone’s talent,” said Zhang.