(FROM OTTAWA CITIZEN) Police are in search of a man who allegedly involved in a break-and-enter and stole a debit card in a North Gower area.

According to the homeowner, the suspect, who is described as white, 25 to 35 years old with a medium build, broke into the house and got away with the homeowner’s purse and wallet. He was driving red truck of older model with a stainless plow installed on the front.

The card was later found used near the intersection of Merivale and Baseline Roads.

Police have called for tips regarding the suspect.

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(FROM NATIONAL POST) University of Toronto student-union president Chemi Lhamo faced strong opposition by some Chinese students after she was elected as the student-union president last week.

She advocated the independence of Tibet, an initiative that irritated some nationalist Chinese students, who signed up for a petition to remove Lhamo from the campaign. Some of these students even sent out death threats to Lhamo.

Lhamo, 22, has long been struggling for Tibetan independence.

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(FROM GLOBAL NEWS) Fire broke out on a SkyWest flight and then extinguished by a flight attendant when the plane took off in New York on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Layne Watson told USA Today that passengers were asked to leave the plane. No incident happened during the process.

According to Watson, the fire was triggered by the vape pen’s “charging assembly.”

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