(FROM OTTAWA CITIZEN) The United We Roll convoy protested its last day on Parliament Hill Feb. 20. The protest had a decrease in numbers than the day prior with only 100 people showing up.

United We Roll came from Red Deer, Alta. on Feb. 14 and crawled its way over to the capital to raise awareness to Bill C-69 and 48.

The protestors want the pipelines to be built and the carbon tax to be abolished. They also believe the Liberals’ policies are tearing Canada apart.



(FROM CTV NEWS) Roopesh Rajkumar — the father accused of murdering his daughter on her birthday — died in the hospital Feb. 20. The self-inflicted gunshot was the reason he was brought out of local police custody and into the hospital.

When the Amber Alert led police to Rajkumar’s door, they found Riya’s body. Rajkumar was then charged with first-degree murder.



(FROM CTV NEWS) Jussie Smollett, an actor from the show Empire, was charged for making false police reports. Smollett paid the two men he said looped a noose around his neck and tossed racist and homophobic remarks at him. These two men are brothers and were previously deemed suspects. They testified before a grand jury.

Prosecutors have charged Smollett for felony disorderly conduct. This could put the actor in prison up to three years and have him pay for the police’s time and the cost of the investigation.