Local News

Ottawa Citizen: The Ottawa Police Services Board is on the lookout for a new police chief and is asking Ottawans for their help. By filling out an online survey and attending an online Zoom consultation, the Ottawa Police Services Board hopes to hire a chief the community wants. Residents have the option of an English or a French survey, and to attend a bilingual virtual session on July 8. Deadline for submission is July 13. The results will be reported to the board at its meeting on July 25.

National News

CTV News: The Conservative Party is urging the House of Commons to take action against the increasing, and ongoing, inflation. According to Statistics Canada, the Customer Price Index (CPI) rose 7.7 per cent in comparison to May of last year. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh commented on the redistribution of windfalls and suggests the Canada Child Benefit be increased by $500. The House will adjourn on Thursday.

International News

CBC: A rural, mountainous region of eastern Afghanistan was struck by an earthquake early this morning, killing at least 1,000 people and injuring 1,500 more. Victims were carried into helicopters and air lifted from the area. With at least 90 homes destroyed and people believed to be trapped in the ruins, the Taliban’s supreme leader is pleading for international support. Shelley Thakral, UN official in Kabul, says that the earthquake “will only add to the immense humanitarian needs in Afghanistan.”