The Wolves praise Erin Cunningham for an outstanding kill for a point. Photo credit: Noah Leafloor

“It’s a good start to the weekend,” said Maddy Nadeau, Wolves outside hitter after they won 3-1 against the La Cité Coyotes in the women’s volleyball home-opener at the Jack Doyle Athletics and Recreation Centre on Oct. 20.

Nadeau ended the game with nine digs and 12 kills.

“Our captain, Emilie Menard, really took control of the court, and our new middle, Chloe Rodgers, she kills it. So really proud of the girls today,” said Nadeau.

Wolves coach Everton Senior said, “We wanted to reestablish our positioning and let them know we’re the big brother in this city.”

Senior continued to describe the Wolves’ performance.

“I thought we all did a really good job. I thought it was one of our better passing matches and we just moved the ball around well,” said Senior. “And I hope the crowd gets bigger and bigger. They bring a lot of energy.”

The crowd hypes up the Wolves as they prepare their defence.
The crowd hypes up the Wolves as they prepare their defence. Photo credit: Noah Leafloor

After the Wolves win, outside hitter Faith Billaney said, “The home opener is a different game for us. We have a huge crowd which is really important. It’s just a different atmosphere. So yeah, really helps a lot.”

And beating that big rival is a true accomplishment.

“Most of our players are returning players. So for all us, it’s nice to take the win,” said Billaney.

“And you know what? My favourite thing after a game is spinach dip and a root beer at the Wolves Den.”

Another way to celebrate after a win is to recognize key players.

“I think Maddy is a key player for us,” said Billaney. “She is one of our captains this year with me and Emilie. She can put a wall down.

“Same with even Natasha Lauzon and Erin Cunningham. They’re really good at scoring points for us.”

“And Gabrielle Paquette, she sets all the time and Ashley Adams did a great job as a rookie coming in,” said Billaney

Gabrielle Paquette going for a dig as La Cite send the ball over.
Gabrielle Paquette going for a dig as La Cite send the ball over. Photo credit: Noah Leafloor

“Everyone played well and came in today to serve. We were consistent and had good defence,” added Billaney.

La Cité head coach David Mann commented before the game on the task ahead.

“It’s a lot of work being the coach,” said Mann with a grin. “Just coming together as a team and using everything from the pre-season practice is what we will do.”

The Wolves look forward to future games against La Cité.

“I look forward to seeing them again when we go to their home gym,” said Nadeau. “But also just looking forward to travelling with the team and having more wins like this one.”

The Wolves will face off against La Cité on Jan. 12 in an away game. But first, they must get through the other teams, starting with the George Brown Huskies on Oct. 28.