The two options for the Algonquin Wolves sports teams. Photo credit: Frankie Benvenuti

Algonquin College’s Students’ Association released two options for the new sports logos in an email to all current students on Oct. 8.

A new logo is needed because the SA announced over the summer it would be changing the school’s sports team’s name from the Thunder to the Wolves.

“The new Athletics and Recreation Centre will be the home of Algonquin College’s varsity sports teams when it opens in the fall of 2021,” said the SA in the email. “This new home will also bring a new name – the Algonquin Thunder is becoming the Algonquin Wolves!”

One of the two options is being called the “Duality Wolves” logo. It features two two-dimensional wolves over text that reads “Algonquin Wolves.”

The ARC, which is now under construction, will be the new home of Algonquin's
The ARC, which is now under construction, will be the new home of the Algonquin Wolves. Photo credit: Madalyn Howitt

The second option is being called “Two Wolves” and it features two detailed three-dimensional wolves over the same text in the last logo.

“Our team went through a number of logo concepts, and now we are down to two options,” said the SA. “It’s time to share these with you, to gather feedback to help your Students’ Association Board of Directors decide on the concept for your official Ontario Colleges Athletic Association logo.”

Students have been sharing their opinions about which logo they think should represent Algonquin on the court and on the field.

“The two wolves logo would be cool if you are just looking for a logo, but if you want something on a jersey, I would pick the duality wolves logo,” said Arman Rezaeipour, an E-Commerce student at Algonquin and sports fan.

Trevor Costello, head coach of the men’s basketball team also has a preference on the logos.

“I prefer the Duality Wolves logo,” said Costello. “I find with the Two Wolves logo the wolves are just looking out into the sunset. You don’t really know what they are looking at.”

“The Duality Wolves logo looks a little bit sleeker and a little more powerful,” said Costello.

No matter what logo is selected, Costello won’t think too much about it.

“I’m there to coach,” he said. “I’m there to try to win games and represent the school in the best way possible. The logo or the colours of the team is not going to change the way I feel about my dedication to Algonquin.”

Unlike with the name change, there is no vote being taken from the students. The email sent out to students containing information about the logos linked a survey.

“Please note – this is not a vote,” said the SA in the email. “The results of the survey will help the Board of Directors determine which of the two concepts will move forward to the final stage of the design process.”

The survey has since been closed.