Algonquin Colleges Residence sign on Navaho Dr. near the south entrance. Photo credit: Zainab Almehdar

Many residence students at Algonquin College, most of whom have been stuck in their dorms these past two months, have made plans to return home for some relaxation or to buy time to study for upcoming midterms.

Melissa Jodoin, 19, a second-year bachelor of science in nursing student from Granby, Que. is one of them.

“I have to study for a pathophysiology midterm which has a lot of content and paper for one of my nursing classes so this reading week is more a break from attending classes rather than a break from work because I still have work to do,” said Jodoin.

However, she is also looking on the bright side of getting to go home and sees this break as a half-way mark for the end of semester three.

“Reading week is perfect this year,” she said. “When I come back there will only be a month of classes left and then it’s finals. So, most of the hard work is already done.”

Along with Jodoin, Emily Porter, 19, a second-year cardiovascular technology student heads home excited for some home-cooked meals and her dog. “I have been looking forward to reading week, especially since it’s after my midterms. I’ll have a chance to relax for a bit,” said Porter who lives in Kingston and finds these trips back home, a must.

Laura Thompson, 19, a first-year pre-health science student is new to the Algonquin residence life and goes home each weekend. But she’s looking forward to having a full week at home.

“My birthday was this week but I didn’t really get to celebrate it. I’m looking forward to a little celebration with my immediate family,” said Thompson.

Along with post-birthday celebrations, she plans on doing more than just studying. “I’ll be catching up on some sleep, watching some Halloween movies, playing bocce with my dad, maybe I’ll carve a pumpkin,” said Thompson.

Students are still able to remain in residence this week if they choose, however. Campus amenities still offered on reduced hours.