Sidney Sletcher, setter for the Thunder, passing the ball.

The Algonquin Thunder achieved a decisive 3-1 victory on Jan. 31 in a home game against the George Brown Huskies.

The victory all but guaranteed the Thunder a second-place finish this season in the OCAA women’s volleyball rankings.

The Thunder dropped the first set of the night to the Huskies after a close back-and-forth set, finishing at 25-20 for the Huskies.

Both teams came back with determination in the second set with long, dynamic volleys. The Thunder secured a strong lead in the middle of the set, but the Huskies made an exciting comeback and just barely fell short of taking the set. The final score was 25-23 for the Thunder.

In the third set, the Thunder was dominant. They took an early lead and managed to hold onto it, finishing strong with 25-18.

The George Brown Huskies came into the fourth set needing to secure a win, and they took an early lead. However, the Thunder managed to claw their way back into the match and make a strong comeback. They finished the set with 25-21 for the Thunder and winning the night.

Algonquin Thunder celebrating a kill.

Despite winning the game, Thunder head coach Everton Senior, explained his mixed feelings over the team’s performance.

“We’re playing in pockets where we look great,” said Senior. “But other times we look like we’ve never played the game before.”

Emily Porter, who plays the middle position, felt similarly about her performance.

“I want to work on getting my stats up,” said Porter. “Like my kills and my aces.”

However, Porter had a better feeling about the performance of her team.

“We meshed really well as a team,” Porter said. “We were all really positive and we worked together.”

The Thunder delivered a solid overall performance, finishing the night with 49-25 kills and 34-14 aces.