Jenny Duval, the athletic operation manager. Photo credit: Naomie Twagirumukiza

Algonquin College is introducing a kids sports camp this summer and will be posting student positions for camp counsellors and camp supervisors.

The college ran a basketball camp at the previous facility, the Ron Port Athletic Facility.

Jenny Duval, the athletic operation manager, says camps can return now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

This time the camp will take place in the new facility — the Jack Doyle Athletic and Recreation Centre. The camp is for kids aged 6-14 and it will allow them to have fun experiencing activities like rock climbing, bowling, arts and crafts and many more. Three athletics department staff will oversee the camp supervisors. Campers will also be able to see the theatre, Wolves Den and the Z-building turf field.

“This is our first official year having a summer camp at our new facility,” said Duval. “This was a big focus for us as we want to utilize all our facilities for our campers.”

The camp counsellor and supervisor positions hadn’t been posted yet, but the online registrations for kids opened March 14.

More information on the camp and how to register is available on the Algonquin Students’ Association website.