Photo credit: Angeleah Brazeau-Emmerson

Mihi Cannabis is expected to open a marijuana dispensary in College Square in the spring that will give students safe access to products and information.

I think this will be a great opportunity for students and members of the community to shop safely, be educated and meet new people.

Before cannabis became legal, some dispensaries in the downtown area were sketchy and I didn’t feel that they were the safest places to go.

I remember walking down Dalhousie and seeing lots of run-down stores. When I go to the shop, there were few employees and not much variety in the strains they offered.

With the regulations from the government in place, cannabis shops have become more user-friendly, appropriately advertised and much safer.

With Mihi Cannabis – the name translated from Latin to “for me” – their goal is to put their customers at the centre and find out what product suits them based on their lifestyle, experience and needs.

For me, shopping online hasn’t always been a guarantee that what I pay for is what I will receive. Personally, when I have a poor experience with a certain company while buying online I don’t find myself wanting to shop there again.

Soon after the legalization date, the Ontario government launched an online site for consumers to buy regulated, safe weed from the comfort of their own homes.

However, the website doesn’t offer the best information about their products and wouldn’t be best for a first-time shopper who doesn’t know a lot about what they’re buying, their needs or what they like.

In the beginning, users found troubles with the site because there were limited products and it was the only place to purchase legal cannabis in Ontario.

Buying weed online is nowhere near the same experience as buying in-store.

“It will definitely be good for students who don’t shop online or don’t own a credit card because I know I didn’t have one for a long time,” said interactive media management student, Dan Cohen-Collier, 24.

When you shop online, you don’t have the opportunity to learn about the products, smell it or see it before buying. You just have to hope for the best and wait for 7-10 days for your order to arrive.

With the new shop opening in College Square, I think students can see what they are getting before they buy it, learn and explore different options that are offered.

I believe students will have a more interactive experience while buying weed, and meet other people who know about the products and can give them what they’re looking for.