Local CBC News:

A potential record-breaking snow-fall for this time of year is supposed to happen today. Environment Canada says there is a winter storm that is developing in southern Ontario that is typical of December and can leave Ottawa with at least 15 centimeters of snow on the ground come Tuesday morning.

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Provincial CBC news, Hamilton:

There’s an unusual number of wild pig sightings throughout the Ontario region. In fact, 51 to be exact. While the sightings are not so worrying right now, Ryan Brook, an associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan and director of the Canadian Wild Pig Research Project, worries that if the growing issue isn’t dealt with now, there could be a million wild pigs running around in the near future.

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CTV Canada National News:

At 11 a.m. today across Canada, people stood in silence in memory of those who fought in wars of the past so that we can have what we have today, and for those who are still fighting. The bells of Peace Tower filled the air around Parliament Hill on Monday morning, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Gov. Gen. Julie Payette were among those laying wreaths in memory of those who died serving Canada.

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CTV International News:

In Russia, 63-year-old University teacher Oleg Sokolov, confessed to murdering 24-year-old student Anastasia Eshchenko this past Thursday. The two were having an affair.

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New shows and movies up on Netflix for November 11th, including the return of once-youtube series Little Things.

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