Local (From CBC News)

A train door became stuck at Lyon station around 8 a.m. causing delays that lasted until about 9:30 a.m. This happened along the Confederation Line, forcing some passengers to finish their journey on foot.

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Provincial (Global News)

Ontario will stick to its plan to cap public sector wage increase as it enters contract talks with teachers, the province’s finance minister said Wednesday.

Rod Phillips made the comments days after the Progressive Conservatives inked a tentative agreement with the union representing 55,000 education workers that included a one per cent wage increase.

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National (From CBC News)

Nestlé and Tim Hortons were the top companies behind branded plastic bottles, coffee cups/lids and other plastic waste collected in shoreline cleanups across the country, Greenpeace Canada reported Tuesday.

Starbucks, McDonald’s and the Coca-Cola Company were also in the top five of the group’s list of plastic polluters.

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International (From the Ottawa Citizen)

As protests in Hong Kong persist, companies wary of upsetting the major Chinese market and its customers are distancing themselves from pro-Hong Kong opinions.

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Entertainment ( From CBC)

Drake said he was “so hurt” by his dad’s comments after Dennis Graham accused his son of writing false lyrics about their relationship to “sell records.”

Graham recently appeared on Nick Cannon’s Close Conversations radio show on Power 106 and spoke about Drake allegedly using their relationship to sell records.

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