The Ottawa Citizen reported Tuesday that an Ottawa school bus driver was pulled over by OPP after being spotted texting behind the wheel. The bus driver has received a distracted driving charge, which amounts to a $615 fine, three demerit points, and a three-day license suspension.


CBC reported Tuesday that the vaping company Juul will stop selling most of its flavoured vaping pods in Canada. The company will stop producing vanilla, mango, fruit, and cucumber flavours starting Wednesday, but will continue to produce mint and tobacco flavours. The company will not be pulling products from shelves, but will stop resupplying stores with the four mentioned flavours.


The New York Times verified security footage on Tuesday, that shows that two missiles hit Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752. The first missile disabled the planes transponder and was followed by a second impact about 23 seconds later. The footage shows that the plane proceeded to circle back towards Tehran’s international airport, but caught fire, exploded and then crashed. The footage comes from the roof of a building near the village of Bidkaneh, which is roughly four miles away from the Iranian military base where the missiles were launched.