Ottawa Citizen There have been issues with the Confederation Line’s camera system at the LRT stations. This has necessitated the full-time installation of whistle-blowing staff on platforms at every station to ensure that the trains depart safely. The light rail system is equipped with cameras that feed into a display in the operator’s cab, offering a view of the train doors and surrounding platform area while at a station.


CBC A minor truck crash triggered a veteran with PTSD to kill himself and his entire family, an inquiry in Nova Scotia learned Wednesday. Lionel Desmond slid his wife’s new truck into a ditch on a snowy highway on Jan.3, 2017. Although Shanna Desmond laughed off the small accident, her husband could not. Then there was the catalyst the one that led a former soldier with PTSD that has killed his wife, his daughter Aaliyah, 10, and his mother Brenda and then himself.


Global News The helicopter that was carrying Kobe Bryant and his daughter didn’t have a recommended warning system to alert the pilot that he was too close to the land. It’s not clear it would have averted the crash that killed nine, however. The pilot may have lost control as the aircraft plunged into a fog-shrouded mountain.