Arlene Anderson, guest speaker for Third Thursday and special events officer, Susan Pridmore. Photo credit: Katherine Diabo

Entering the wood work shop in the CA building on Jan. 16 at noon, you would have been greeted with a smile followed by a table spread of various doughnuts.

Event guests were there to hear Arlene Anderson, president and co-owner of the Original Maple Bat Corporation, speak and offer motivation. Her company supplies professional baseball players with maple bats.

Her talk to the 55 people in the room stretched from topics such as managing employees, advice for starting a business and communication.

“Communication is absolutely critical if you want to get the job done,” said Anderson to the group.

Anderson’s presentation was part of the Third Thursday series put on by the AC Hub. It is a social event that takes place once on the third Thursday of each month, with new guest speakers and different subjects.

This event was created to spark conversation and to inspire the Algonquin community. It is free and open to all students, staff and alumni.

“It’s so rare that this happens. It’s an opportunity for a diverse group to come together, share ideas and learn from one another,” said Michelle Hevey, 26, events officer for the AC Hub and one of the coordinators for Third Thursday.

Every month is a different topic touching on important subjects. They are chosen by a committee.

The speaking series focuses on the concept of innovation and bringing local leaders to Algonquin College to help the community.

“My hope is to motivate attendees,” Michelle Hevey, explained in an email. “Whether that be through listening to Arlene Anderson’s motivational presentation or through conversations with the other students/staff attending the event.”

For more information on past speakers and future events on Third Thursday, visit the link below.