From The Ottawa Citizen: Police say a 68-year-old bystander is in critical condition after a woman hit a man with a sign atop the Mackenzie King Bridge.

A fight broke out between two women and one man. A bystander was injured nearby.

The incident occurred last Friday evening.

Police would not confirm further details or the identity of the injured man.


From Global News: The B.C. government announced an investment of $18.6 million in the province’s search and rescue crews.

The announcement came Saturday after a meeting in Coquitlam with Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth.

The money will be used to fund outdoor education programs, equipment and training.


From CTV: Passengers and crew members were forced to evacuate a cruise ship Saturday when large waves rocked the ship in Norway’s west coast.

Because of the severe conditions (strong wind gusts and rough waters) rescue teams with helicopters were sent for the evacuation of The Viking Sky.

Video footage showed the ship’s contents being tossed from one end to the other. Some windows broken in the storm allowed cold, stormy water to enter the ship.

Evacuations will continue into Sunday said Norwegian officials.

About 180 people have been evacuated so far.