Jan. 12, 2020


Ottawa Citizen – Ottawa councillor Rick Chiarelli remains under scrutiny from his fellow council members over accusations of inappropriate behaviour by multiple women. Chiarelli’s team of lawyers, including labour and employment attorney D. Bruce Sevigny, issued a letter to both the councillors and integrity commissioner Tuesday, requesting that all active investigation and inquiry into the case be suspended or terminated due to the apparent bias of council members. The request was issued hours before the expected release of an interim report on the matter by integrity commissioner Robert Marleau. Mayor Jim Watson and fellow councillors have asked that Chiarelli resign his position.


CBC – National Post columnist and award-winning author Christie Blatchford has died at 68 after a battle with late-stage lung cancer after her diagnosis in 2019. Blatchford had been a war correspondent, a journalist for the Globe and Mail as well as the Toronto Sun and Star and was well-known for her articles on crime and the Canadian judicial system. She is hailed by some as a fearless journalist who brought humanity to the courtroom and has been the recipient of many accolades, including the George Jonas Freedom Award (2019), the Governor General’s Literary Award (2008) and a National Newspaper Award for column writing (1999).


Ottawa Citizen – The coronavirus epidemic in China worsened as Guangzhou joined the list of major hub cities that have implemented legislation for the requisitioning of private hospitals, apartments, student dormitories and other facilities to house and treat patients. The requisition also includes masks and medical supplies. The World Health Organization is calling the virus a serious threat to other nations as the number of infected has risen to 44,653 throughout China with a death toll of 1,113 people (a 2.5 per cent mortality rate). Many businesses remain closed, though officials expect 160 million to return to work by next Tuesday, as further closures may cause shortages of medical supplies and other goods. A resident of Wuhan has called the requisitions a humanitarian crisis, as his mother with terminal stomach cancer was one of many that has been displaced from hospitals to make room for coronavirus patients.