The Ottawa Citizen article reports that it’s time to make changes to the Ontario Autism Program within the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. Education Minister Lisa Thompson said that there will be training and extended funding to support the influx of students.

The controversial changes to the program will be happening on April 1. As well, families are given a “budget” to pay for therapy.


The National Post reports that, in the Rocky Mountains west of Alberta-B.C., an avalanche collapse on a woman. She was part of a guided ice climb on Massey’s Route on Mt. Stephen. She died from the critical injures she had during the avalanche.


According to a CBC article Donald Trump talked to the Boeing CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, about the safety of the 737 MAX plane that crashed in Ethiopia.

The CEO said that it was a safe plane and didn’t needed to be grounded. After the crash was announced, flights continued to be scheduled.