Zumba on the lawn participants getting their heart beats up Photo credit: Eyssa Dahoma

The Student Association is welcoming the Algonquin College community to participate in Zumba on the Lawn on Aug. 18.

“Now that the weather is nice it felt like the right time,” says Amanda Logan the event programmer at the Student Association.

“While students have access to the ARC, sometimes it can be a bit more intimidating to actually walk into the gym. So, we thought if we bring it outside and bring it into a more open environment it’s a good opportunity for students, as well as also staff and faculty if they want to see what we have to offer.”

At a recent Zumba on the lawn event, 24 participants arrived energized and already dancing. Some arrived in their Zumba swag and completed their own warm ups and mingled as the DJ played some welcoming tunes.

“I have a feeling some people will be sneaking in and I’m hoping to grab some peoples attention as they’re walking to class … the more the merrier, I always feed off energy,” says Christine Ambar, a 10-year Zumba instructor at the college.

“So exciting, honestly it’s going to sound funny but I feel like a plant, you feel the sun and you’re like oh my God this is energy. It’s like you don’t even care if you’re sweating or not you’re just having fun, a lot of energy coming out, I love it,” says Eduardo Manotas, a level three web development student at Algonquin College.

“You can be a total beginner dancer and do fine,” says Logan. “Zumba is more of a Latin inspired dance exercise and so you will very quickly learn some choreography, and then that choreography is repeated throughout the song that the instructor is teaching. It’s all fun, it’s accessible choreography, it’s stuff that anyone can pick up and it really really gets you sweating.”

The Student Association expects to sell out all 30 tickets once again.

To register for the next Zumba on Lawn or Zumba classes held, check out: AlgonquinSA.com.