Ottawa Citizen: A design has been chosen for the new LGBTQ2+ national monument, Canadian Heritage announced Thursday morning. The winning bid came from a Winnipeg-based team whose design is called Thunderhead. The design is meant to evoke a cloud which the team says stands for “strength, activism, and hope.” The monument will be built on Wellington Street and is slated to be completed by 2025.


CTV News: As COVID-19 restrictions are lifting across the country, experts who have been analyzing wastewater data are warning of a potential uptick in infections. The data suggests that another wave of the virus could be coming in the next few weeks. The scale of this wave is hard to predict but experts are worried about the relaxing of restrictions and the effects this could have on Canadians.


BBC World: The leaders of the NATO countries including Canada’s Justin Trudeau, attended an emergency meeting of the organization today in Brussels. They approved the mobilization of 40,000 troops into Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania to buttress against Russian encroachment through Ukraine. Further sanctions and admonishments were issued by both UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Joe Biden.