CBC: Ottawa police are investigating the death of 18-year-old Omar Al-Khalidi after being taken to The Ottawa Hospital’s General campus on Feb. 14.

Al-Khalidi died from injuries after being shot by an unknown suspect.

Police said in a news release issued Wednesday that they were called to the hospital before 7 p.m.

They suggested the shooting happened on Station Boulevard just north of the General campus. Police have not given any information about arrests or suspects.


CBC: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau heads to the Bahamas to attend the CARICOM heads of government meeting relating to aid in Haiti.

Climate change, migration and food insecurity will be the main issues talked about at the meeting.

CARICOM marks its 50th anniversary after Trudeau’s arrival. This will mark Canada’s return to Caribbean politics. Stephen Harper was the last Prime Minister to attend a CARICOM meeting in the Caribbean’s in 2007.

The Canadian government has provided $90 million in humanitarian and development assistance to Haiti in 2022-23.


Global news: China plans on taking measures against U.S. entities after American officials shot down a suspected spy balloon.

China has returned spying accusations against Washington, alongside its threats of retaliation. China initially expressed regret over the balloon’s entrance into U.S. airspace.

China says the balloon was an unmanned weather airship and accused the U.S. of overreacting after bringing down the balloon with a missile fired from an F-22 fighter jet. China says the balloon had accidentally blown off course.

The United States has sanctioned six Chinese entities it said are linked to Beijing’s aerospace programs after the downing on Feb. 4.