Dasia MacDonald (wearing number four) passes the ball by a player from the Huskies. Photo credit: Mingan Wang

Despite winning 57-46, the Algonquin Wolves women’s basketball team felt it could’ve played better against the George Brown Huskies on Saturday.

The Wolves started the game with the upper hand, scoring 20 in the first quarter, and finishing the quarter with a score of 20-9.

The Huskies started to close the gap in the second quarter.

Faith Wandji managed to make a breathtaking jump shot at the end of the third quarter and brought three points to the Wolves. Both teams scored 11 points in the third quarter.

The Wolves ended the fourth quarter of the game with a score of nine, outscored by the George Brown Huskies, 9-13.

“We got the ‘W,’ but probably wasn’t our best performance of the year,” said Wolves coach Jaime McLean. “I think we went away from the absolute basics, which really hurt us today, we weren’t finishing the way we want to be finishing, we’re letting the girls on the other team do what they want to do, instead of us trying to control that pace and time.”

The coach wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

“I think we executed somewhat to not really our standard, it was definitely not our best game,” said player Jade Lyons. “Our standard in September has been discipline defence and discipline offence, and we didn’t do either of those today, so, we won, but we’re kind of disappointed.”

The Wolves will face Durham on Saturday, and according to McLean, it’s going to be a tough game. “Last time, it was an eight-point game, so this week’s practice will be very important for us,” said McLean.