CBC: Twenty-three automated speed cameras are planned to be installed along city roads this year by the City of Ottawa.

Leftover cameras which were supposed to be installed last year will double the total amount this year. This leaves 40 cameras to be set up in total, according to Carol Hall, associate director of traffic services.

The cameras being installed in school zones and parks are 17 in total. There are 11 in school zones, two near parks and the others along frequent speeding areas.


CBC: Tipping culture is being challenged by restaurants that adopt a no-tipping model where wages are higher and the bill is all-inclusive.

Vancouver’s Folke restaurant for instance, gives the customers tips to staff to fund their dinners.

The concept was adopted by the restaurant due to the increase of menu prices by inflation.

Most diners must ask for larger tips due to inflation, but 59 per cent of Canadians would like to see the no-tipping model adopted more often.



The remote region of Tajikistan bordering China was hit by a series of earthquakes which measured at a magnitude of 6.8 around 7:37 p.m on Wednesday.

Murghob, the area in the Pamir mountains, is a district capital with a few thousand residents.

The Sarez Lake inside of it could potentially flood areas in several countries if affected.

No casualties or damage have been reported.