Enjoying the President's staff BBQ Photo credit: Thomas Gordon

Algonquin College staff members gathered for the President’s barbecue on June 1 to celebrate the end of the academic year, marking the highest guest count since the pandemic began.

With the school year wrapping up, the college hosted its annual President’s barbecue – designed for staff to celebrate, reflect and socialize.

Algonquin’s president, Claude Brulé, spoke at the event and reflected on the record registration numbers.

“Its terrific to see people coming back in person for work, for studying and for activities,” said Brulé, “It warms my heart – it’s really good medicine.”

This year marked the highest guest count since the pandemic, with 800 staff members in attendance – a 60 per cent increase from 2022.

“I think the numbers are up from last year – it was a little Covidy – it’s nice to be reminded what a diverse and pretty awesome community we have here,” said Teri Loretto, a scriptwriting and performing arts co-ordinator at the college.

The event made use of Algonquin’s spacious Ishkodenwan Courtyard, and featured a live performance by Ottawa band Jackson Miles.

“They’re a great band – they just have that really nice rock ‘n roll type of sound.” said Felix Lebeau, the event’s sound engineer.