A student smokes in front of the residence building. Photo credit: Mingan Wang

The college enforces a smoke-free policy but there’s no designated smoking spot anywhere on campus.

The Students’ Association wants that to change.

Matt Regnier, the SA board communications and process manager, said on April 6 during a press conference with the Algonquin Times that the SA is in favour of a designated smoking spot on campus.

“Students should have a safe, designated place to smoke that is away from main intersections. That’s our policy. That’s what we envisioned the campus should be, based on that, we talked to thousands of students in 2019 when the college announced the smoke-free policy,” said Regnier.

Some people also doubt the smoke-free policy is working at all.

“It’s nice if the policy actually works, but the truth is, people won’t quit smoking because of this policy, so that left smokers smoke on random places all around campus,” said architecture student Sofia Trinidad, “I really think it would be helpful to set a smoking area on campus where it’s accessible to smokers that’s away from main roads,”

It also bothers smokers.

Anthony Budiman, an animation student, expressed his frustrations over the lack of smoking spots.

“I’ve been smoking for years, and I smoke quite a few times per day, so it’s not realistic for me to quit easily. I support the college’s decision to go smoke-free, and it’s fine during summer or spring when it’s not cold, I can walk outside of campus to smoke, but during winter it’s just impossible. I think having a designated smoking area is good for everybody,” said Budiman.